Dear SSEF Alumni member

Congratulations – on Sunday 1 May 2005 many of you have attended a historical event, the launching of the SSEF Alumni organisaton at the very first SSEF Alumni Dinner in Basel, Switzerland!

I was honoured and thrilled to meet and share ideas with a multitude of people who came from near and far to attend. A great number of photographs were taken to commemorate the event. You will find a selection of them here.

We, the Alumni team, are convinced more than ever that there is a definite need for establishing SSEF Alumni mainly as a platform for former course participants at SSEF Swiss Gemmological Institute and FGA (Fellows of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain) for exchanging ideas, sharing knowledge, promoting interests within a growing number of members worldwide. You will have an invaluable network of people at your disposal with different focus and different skills which you will be able to access through SSEF Alumni at any time. Please send us an email at [email protected] with your feedback, suggestions, ideas which will be greatly appreciated. By joining you will contribute to realising this vision and become part of it.

Thank you for your membership.

Leon Ascot, President of SSEF Alumni